Service Disruption: Strike Action Tomorrow

Due to strike action Merseyrail will be running a reduced service tomorrow.

Trains will run every half hour from around 07:00 - 19:00, however it is possible that timetables will change during strike action.

Please visit the Merseyrail website or check @merseyrail on Twitter before you travel on Monday.

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Station & On Train Advertising


Advertising on Merseyrail with Exterion Media Landscape provides you with access to over 40 million passengers per year – each spending an average of 7 minutes on the platform, with nothing to look at, but advertising.

8.2 million of these passengers are travelling to the shops in the mind set to spend, and with 47% of all visitors to Liverpool One arriving there by train; advertising on Merseyrail provides you with the perfect place to increase awareness of your brand amongst shoppers, right before they start spending!

Furthermore, as 19.3 million passengers per year are travelling for business purposes, promoting your brand on Merseyrail allows you to reach commuters on a daily basis; the perfect opportunity to raise awareness amongst an influential, up-market audience.

The Merseyrail network of stations offer a variety of advertising formats, including the brand new LCD screens in Liverpool Central, allowing you to reach 17.2 million passengers a year on a High Definition, Premium display. Exterion Media use these formats to tailor your advertising so that you reach the right audience where they work, shop and play.

Ensure your brand is seen by an audience in the mind set to spend by advertising on the Merseyrail network.


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