Service Disruption: Strike Action Tomorrow

Due to strike action Merseyrail will be running a reduced service tomorrow.

Trains will run every half hour from around 07:00 - 19:00, however it is possible that timetables will change during strike action.

Please visit the Merseyrail website or check @merseyrail on Twitter before you travel on Monday.

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Reducing Our Impact & Carbon Emissions


Electric traction is already among the lowest carbon modes of transport. However, in response to the challenge of climate change, we acknowledge that we need to contribute towards delivering the UK’s target of significant carbon savings.

We have set targets to reduce our carbon emissions (by 3% year on year) and electricity for buildings and depots (2% year on year). This includes objectives to fit LED lighting and other new technologies across our stations. We are also looking at ways to eliminate all wastage.


Liverpool South Parkway StationSustainable Stations

We have a Project Environment and Energy Strategy which supports our carbon reduction plan with the aim to make all our station refurbishments as eco and energy efficient as possible. Successes to date include all the new DDA compliant toilets being fitted have LED lighting on motion sensors, and taps on sensors also to eliminate any wastage.

The new station refurbishments also include new technologies such as LED lighting on sensors and increased glazing to improve natural light.


Liverpool South Parkway

Liverpool South Parkway was designed and built with specific environmental features built in by Merseytravel, to reduce carbon and prevent wastage:

  • Part of one south facing wall has been fitted with photovoltaic cells providing a proportion of the electricity requirements of the building;
  • Station lighting is controlled by timer and light sensor control;
  • Low energy strip lighting utilised and the concourse comprises of down-lighters and uplighters reflected back down by shaped mirrors;
  • The station is cooled and heated using a geothermal system which provides under-floor heating for concourse;
  • A rainwater harvesting system which captures rainwater falling on main concourse roof – providing water for toilets and sinks;
  • All office areas are fitted with motion sensors to control lighting.



Ormskirk StationOrmskirk

Ormskirk has benefitted from an eco-friendly refurbishment, in a project led by Lancashire County Council, the Railway Heritage Trust, Merseytravel, Merseyrail and others. Keeping as close as possible to the Grade II listed station’s original architecture, the station gets its green credentials by using a system that harvests rainwater for use in staff and public toilets. LED lighting, improved levels of thermal insulation and utilising under-floor heating also saves energy.


Waste Management

All our general waste, including litter is collected by and taken to Gaskells local Waste Recycling Facility in Bootle. They remove all our non-segregated general waste and litter, segregate it and recycle it on our behalf. Gaskells have just invested £2m in start of the art equipment to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and increase the amount of our waste being captured for recycling.


Green ChampionsGreen Champions

We have 16 Green Champions across the business to champion good environment and energy behaviours, leading by example. Our champions identify initiatives and ideas for improvement which they implement across their relevant parts of the business.