Service Disruption: Strike Action Tomorrow

Due to strike action Merseyrail will be running a reduced service tomorrow.

Trains will run every half hour from around 07:00 - 19:00, however it is possible that timetables will change during strike action.

Please visit the Merseyrail website or check @merseyrail on Twitter before you travel on Monday.

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Rail Enthusiasts Corner


We regard Rail Enthusiasts as "Friends of the Railway" and welcome the interest in our services and rolling stock. When travelling on our network, please observe our bye-laws regarding safety and security, particularly when taking photographs. We would ask any Rail Enthusiast taking photographs for their own personal use to follow the directions of our staff and security staff if asked to do so for the safety and security of all passengers.


Please avoid:

  • Going close to the platform edge
  • Going into areas which are not for public access
  • Obstructing any signalling equipment or signs which are vital to the safe running of the railway
  • Wearing anything which is similar in colour to safety clothing, such as high-visibility jackets, as this could cause confusion to drivers and other railway employees
  • The use of flash photography as this may cause problems for our train drivers and guards and potentially lead to unsafe situations.

Photographers and film crews will need to apply for permission to use any Merseyrail location in advance, both for safety and for operational reasons. 


Driver’s View

Get a train drivers view of the Wirral line, including fantastic footage of the Mersey tunnel through a new DVD produced by Video 125.

Visit Video 125’s website here to find out how you can own a copy.