Service Disruption: Strike Action Tomorrow

Due to strike action Merseyrail will be running a reduced service tomorrow.

Trains will run every half hour from around 07:00 - 19:00, however it is possible that timetables will change during strike action.

Please visit the Merseyrail website or check @merseyrail on Twitter before you travel on Monday.

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Day Saver


Friends, family, gigs, festivals, trips - you can't beat them. Good times are even better when you can share them for less. Go off-peak with a Day Saver and see how much you could save.

Make as many journeys as you like throughout the day with a Day Saver ticket. Day Savers are valid for unlimited travel, only excluding peak hours 06.31 - 09.29 Monday - Friday. Outside of these hours, including all day weekends and Bank Holidays you can hop on and off the train as much as you want with a Day Saver! 

Adult fares range from £3.80 for 'one zone' and £5.10 for 'all zones'. If you are unsure of how many zones your journey passes through, use our Journey Planner to calculate the cost of your ticket.

Young People (aged 15-18) can travel for 50% off the adult price.  

Tickets are available for purchase from booking offices at staffed stations and from ticket machines located at our stations.

Day Saver Fares 1 Zone All Zones
Adult (19yrs+) £3.80 £5.10
Young Person (5-18yrs) £1.90 £2.55

Ticket Restrictions: Day Savers are not valid for travel between 06.31 and 09.29, Monday to Friday and Railcards are not valid for use with this product. Day Saver tickets are not valid for use on the City line. 

Destination MerseysideDestination Merseyside - make the most of your unlimited travel!

With an all zone Day Saver you can travel from Southport to Chester and everywhere in between for just £5.10. Hop on and off the train as much as you want after 9.30 weekdays and all day on weekends and bank holidays.

There are so many destinations and events across the Merseyrail network, we've put together a Destination Merseyside guide for you!

Click here to get inspiration on places to meet friends on a sunny day, local shopping hotspots, and the latest festivals and events.