Other Transport Options

Rail replacement buses will offer a high quality, reliable service during the work. However you may choose to travel in different ways that are temporarily more convenient.

To keep the City Region moving, especially the Mersey Tunnels which can accommodate additional buses but not a significant increase in cars, you may wish to consider these


Mersey Ferries offer a cross-river alternative during Wirral loop line track renewal, with free parking for 370 cars at Seacombe Ferry Terminal and buses serving the area. Ferries also provide an alternative travel option for cyclists.

Phase 1 and Phase 3

During Phase 1 and  Phase 3, valid cross-river rail tickets will be accepted on all Mersey Ferries. This includes all relevant rail season ticket products, Railpass and valid Merseyside issued Concessionary travel passes (only valid travelling after 9.30am).

Phase 2 Update

Trains are now running between Wirral and James Street station in Liverpool.

Until Tuesday 30 May, trains will run between Wirral and James Street station every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Rail replacement buses are not running.

On Sunday 21 May, rail replacement buses will run between Birkenhead and Liverpool stations from 08:00 to 09:00. A normal train timetable will then run for the rest of the day.

When trains are travelling cross-river, starting and terminating at James Street station, train tickets cannot be used on the Mersey Ferries. For full details and train timetables click here.


As there are rail restrictions for cyclists throughout Phase 2 of the track renewal works, passengers travelling with a bike can continue to use valid cross-river rail tickets on any Mersey Ferry during all three phases.

Service details

During the week, there will be a commuter service from 07:20 – 10:00 and 17:00 – 19:00, with ferries every 20 minutes between Seacombe and the Pier Head. At weekends and during the week between 11:00 – 16:00, cross-river journeys can be made via the River Explorer Cruise.

During peak commuter times, if ferries are suspended for any reason, alternative travel arrangements will be provided.

During Phase 3 as there will be restricted access across Tower Road, with traffic diverted via Duke Street Bridge. Please allow extra time for your journey.

Click here to visit www.merseytravel.gov.uk for more information.

Cross-River Buses

Public transport will remain the best mode of transport throughout Wirral loop line track renewal. Additional cars on the road will increase congestion and journey times.

As well as our robust rail replacement bus offer, cross-river bus services provide a transport alternative throughout each phase of the work.

Services will be strengthened for the duration of the work to accommodate more passengers.

Rail tickets will only be accepted on rail replacement buses and not cross-river bus services.

The table below shows the bus services that link Wirral and Liverpool:

East Wirral/Chester to Liverpool West Wirral
1 (Liverpool to Chester) 407 (Town Meadow - Liverpool)
2 (Liverpool to Chester) 420 (West Kirby - Liverpool)
X8 (Liverpool to Chester) 471 (Heswall - Liverpool)
423 (Birkenhead to Liverpool) 472 (Heswall or Barnston - Liverpool)
432 (New Brighton to Liverpool) 437 (West Kirby - Liverpool)
433 (New Brighton to Liverpool) 487 (Little Neston - Liverpool)
464 (Liverpool to New Ferry)  


Cars & The Mersey Tunnels

We do not recommend driving through the Mersey Tunnels during Wirral loop line track renewal, particularly at peak times. Whilst the tunnels can accommodate additional buses, they will not cope with an increase in cars without causing significant congestion. If you have no choice but to take the car, avoid travelling at peak times whenever possible and leave more time for your journey. Consider car sharing to play your part in keeping the City Region moving.

Car parks are available at a number of Merseyrail stations, including a total of 670 spaces at Birkenhead North car park following a recent expansion. Car parks may be busier and fill up earlier.

During Phase 1, traffic between Birkenhead and Seacombe may be slower due to preparatory work on the major bridge replacement schemes on the A554 Tower Road, Birkenhead. There will also be disruption to traffic during Phase 3 as there will be restricted access across Tower Road, with traffic diverted via Duke Street Bridge. Please allow extra time for your journey.

We recognise that during Wirral loop line track renewal your journey will not be as quick or easy as you are used to. The work is being done in a way that will minimise disruption for you in the longer term. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Phase 2 Travel Information

Phase 2 Travel Information

Monday 13 February to Monday 29 May 2017

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Phase 3 Travel Information

Phase 3 Travel Information

Tuesday 30 May to Sunday 18 June 2017

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Important Travel Advice

Important Travel Advice

Key things you need to know about Wirral loop line track renewal

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