Your update on Wirral loop line track renewal

Since January 3rd, Network Rail and the principal contractor Story Contracting have been working to replace the concrete slab track in the tunnel. During the first week, lighting, ventilation and communication systems have been installed on the Wirral Line, Liverpool to Birkenhead to enable the work to be undertaken safely.

Work is being delivered 24/7, with a three shift pattern from 6am until 4pm, 3pm until 1am and 11pm and 7am. The shifts overlap to ensure a thorough handover is completed prior to the next shift starting.

Phase 1 Timelapse

Phase 1 of Wirral loop line track renewal was completed on 12 Febraury 2017. Watch the video below for a quick timelapse and update on the work that took place 40 metres underground.

January 2017 Update

Currently teams are working to complete the section of track at James Street station.  The removal of the old track has been completed with the help of a road rail vehicle (pictured) but most of the work has to be done by hand to ensure precision (see pictures) making it a very hands on process for the skilled workers on the job.  By the end of phase 1 new slab track will be in place between Mann Island Junction, James Street Platform 1 and Moorfields, as well as new switches and crossings at Hamilton Square.

 Mg 4816

 Mg 4729

 Mg 4871

S Mg 4767

S Mg 4806

S Mg 4843

S Mg 4857

S Mg 4864

S Mg 4735

S Mg 4923

S Mg 4892

S Mg 4911

Photography by John Latham