Ticket Information

Mersey Ferries

Phase 1, Phase 3 and the weekends of Phase 2

During Phase 1, Phase 3 and the weekends of Phase 2, valid cross-river rail tickets will be accepted on all Mersey Ferries. This includes all relevant rail season ticket products, Railpass and valid Merseyside issued Concessionary travel passes (only valid travelling after 9.30am).

Phase 2 weekdays

Cross-rail river tickets can continue to be used on all Mersey Ferry services until Sunday 19th February to help customers while only one platform is in use at James St station. After this date, you will still be able to use cross-river rail tickets on the Mersey Ferries at weekends, but not on weekdays. During the week trains travelling cross-river, starting and terminating at James Street station. For full details and timetables click here.


As there are rail restrictions for cyclists throughout Phase 2 of the track renewal works, passengers travelling with a bike can continue to use valid cross-river rail tickets on any Mersey Ferry during all three phases.

City Centre Bus

Valid rail tickets will also be accepted on the 10A bus service for travel between Liverpool ONE and Lime Street, linking James Street, Moorfields and Lime Street stations. Up to 10 buses run per hour during peak times.

Click here for the full 10A bus timetable.

10A Bus Route Combined

Purchasing Tickets at James Street in Phase 2

During Phase 2, ticket buying facilities will be limited at the main entrance to James Street station and special ticketing arrangements will apply. We advise you to purchase tickets at the Water Street entrance of James Street or any other station.


A robust rail replacement solution that will keep you moving during Wirral loop line track renewal will be in place between January and June 2017. Rail fares will not be reduced as a result of the work.

Phase 2 Travel Information

Phase 2 Travel Information

Monday 13 February to Monday 29 May 2017

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Phase 3 Travel Information

Phase 3 Travel Information

Tuesday 30 May to Sunday 18 June 2017

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Important Travel Advice

Important Travel Advice

Key things you need to know about Wirral loop line track renewal

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